From day one, we designed and built a modern and popular cryptocurrency template for beginners as well as experts. Make deposits and withdrawals easy, measure portfolio performance your investment. Halving brings new investors to the crypto market

Opportunity to know about potential projects

It is very difficult to have a good project and stable profits for investors.

Regular profit every hour

Halving pays regular profit every hour on the system

Get Free AirDrop Potential Token

Halving has a free AirDrop program for users - registered investors have confirmed their identity.

Cryptocurrency Use Cases


You can invest in cryptocurrency regularly over time by scheduling purchases on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

High Security

With the highest level of system security, your crypto-asset investments and all your data are safe.

Market Analysis

Analysis that can guide your investment strategies; research reports, video analyzes and expert opinions.

Easy Interface

You don't need to look for what or where. You can easily manage your accounts with our user-friendly panel.

Practical Ecosystem

You can use the ecosystem to meet the essential needs in life.

High-tech platform

We are one of the key investment organizations with world-class technology infrastructure.

Meet the founder & our advisors

And the core team

Charlie Wallace
Chief Technology Officer
Phillip Gara
Director of Strategy
Jayson Kleinman
Project Manager
Austin Clifton

People handling community outreach

Janne Saviranta
Technical Contributor
Mathis Lesieur
3D Artist & Success Manager
Peter Sonic
Telegram Moderator



HALVING develops a community fund, helping global investors to experience a safe investment model, minimizing risk to 0. Xcoin investment guarantee helps the community to accumulate potential coins with high efficiency.


HALVING launches Xcoin Investment Guarantee coin, a currency with practical use value on the real ecosystems that HALVING built, Xcoin is listed on reputable and decentralized centralized exchanges to help the community trading more convenient.


Strongly develop an ecosystem of applications that are open and transparent sources, including a global cryptocurrency exchange, a global hotel-ticket payment service, an e-commerce shopping mall, and blockchain technology. Blockchain in the field of digital industry


Bringing Xcoin to the top 100 in the world based on market capitalization and consecutively listing on major exchanges. This is an innovative and constantly evolving technology that will surprise the community with the value of Xcoin.


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